Terms of service

This agreement is a set of rules establishing the order of use of the site itDatingSite.com and regulates relations between the Administration and the physical person (User).
User, by accepting the Agreement, confirms:
• Being familiar with the Agreement.
• The attainment of 18 years of age (including full capacity and capability).
• Use the Website in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.
The user has the right:
• Use the Site or mobile application using any available device.
• To complain about unwanted content on the website posted by other users, using a special form of communication.
• Upload only personal photos that are optimized for the Internet.
The user agrees to:
• Do not use the Site to upload, send, transfer or any other way of publishing materials, documents and photos that are illegal, threatening, offending morality and human dignity, as well as containing rude and offensive expressions and offers.
• Do not use the Site to upload, send, transfer or any other way of publishing materials that contain viruses or other computer codes, files or programs intended for violation, destruction or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment or programs.
• To provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself in the Registration form and keep this information up to date.
• Immediately notify the Administration about any case of unauthorized (not permitted by the User) access with the username and password of the User and/or any other breach of security of the Site.
• Post photos with the image of the User and/or third parties on the website only with the consent of the right holder and third parties depicted in the photographs.
• Do not upload intimate photos as well as images of plants, animals, nature, technical ustroystv and other images not related to Dating.
• Not to publish in open access e-mail addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contact information.
• Not to publish in open access any materials requiring attribution without consent of the owner.
• Do not post any commercial advertising, commercial offers, promotional materials, transmit through personal messages spam, chain messages (messages that require transfer of one or more users), pyramid schemes or appeals to participate in them, any other Intrusive information.
• Not to publish insults, libel, obscene expressions, pornographic or other immoral materials; materials demonstrating or propagandizing cruelty, terror or violence; materials that offend human dignity; as well as other materials that are not relevant to the law.
• Do not use more than one profile (questionnaire) to work with the site.
• Not to make transactions or offer to conclude transactions with other users concerning any goods, works or services to use the Website to distribute advertising or materials illegal propaganda, to annoy and harass other Users of the website, not to engage in pimping.
• The user acknowledges that materials posted on the Website may be accessible to other Internet users for whose actions the Administration is not responsible.
Administration, at their discretion:
• To modify the Website at its discretion.
• To amend the Agreement unilaterally.
• Query the user of the document about the availability of the necessary rights to post the materials (pictures, programs, etc.) on the Website.
• To suspend or cancel the User's registration and to deny him use of the Website in the event User violates the terms of the Agreement.
• The administration has the right, without notice to the User, to remove content and User information that does not meet the standards of the current legislation of the Russian Federation and has the right to deny the User further access to the Website if you breach any of the terms of the Agreement.
• Remove from its servers any information or materials which the Administration deems to be undesirable and in violation of the Agreement.
• To transfer the rights under this Agreement to third parties for the execution of the Agreement without the consent of the User.
• We reserve the right to remove or block the user account at any time for any reason, notifying the user of the service or not.
Administration is not responsible for:
• The content, reliability and accuracy of the materials posted by users.
• Violation by the User of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
• Losses and other damages from the User in connection with the actions of third parties.
• Temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work Site, for temporary failures and breaks in work of communication lines, other similar failures and also for the problem of the computer from which the User has carried out access to the Internet.
• Injury, damage, loss of information or for causing of any other losses incurred when using the service, including using mobile communication facilities and other technical means.
All exclusive rights concerning the Website belong to the Administration and protected by the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of intellectual property.